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Yorke Mead holds the Hertfordshire Healthy Schools accreditation.

Lunches are freshly prepared every day in the school kitchen by Hertfordshire Catering Ltd.

Foundation and Key Stage One:-

Pupils in Foundation and Key Stage One are entitled to Universal Free School Meals provided by the Government. The school offers a choice of a hot meal, a vegetarian meal or a school packed lunch. The school packed lunch option helps some of our younger children to adapt to having a school prepared meal. Alternatively, you can provide your own packed lunch if you wish.

Key Stage Two:-

Pupils in Key Stage Two are unable to choose a school packed lunch, but do have the option of a hot meal or a vegetarian meal. Alternatively, you can provide your own packed lunch if you wish.

All pupils must choose whether they would like to have a school meal every day, or will be bringing a home packed lunch. This arrangement may change at the start of a new half term. If you would like to change your child’s meal arrangement, please complete the form below and return to the school office.


download Menu Week One (225KB)
download Menu Week Two (225KB)

Healthy Snacks

The Foundation stage and Key stage one children are offered a free fruit/vegetable snack daily. Key stage two children may buy into this scheme, or can bring in their own fruit and vegetables. Free milk is offered to children under 5 in nursery and reception, and may be purchased for over 5s in KS1 at a price subsidised by the Local Authority.


We encourage the children to drink plenty of water. Children are expected to bring a named bottle of water to school to drink duringthe school day and teachers make sure they are refilled regularly.