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General Information

Social Policy

We aim to build a school where individuals are valued and where children are expected to have respect for each other. Children are asked to share good experiences and talk about their concerns, to an adult in school, with their class during circle time and with the school in Assembly. The school’s Behaviour Policy is reviewed annually by the schools governors. A copy is available from the School Office.

Pupil Premium

Yorke Mead Primary School adopts a number of strategies and activities in raising attainment and progression of disadvantaged children. These include 1: 1 support, peer to peer support, pupil conferencing and provision mapping for children eligible for free school meals.

Good Behaviour

All adults in school encourage and praise achievement, effort and good behaviour within the classroom and around the school.

Good work is shared with the whole school in Friday Assemblies.

The children are in four teams (red, yellow, blue and green). Team points are awarded for good behaviour, good work, good manners and for effort. A cup is awarded weekly to the team with the most points.

Good behaviour by a whole class is rewarded by a marble point. The whole class receive a reward such as extra playtime when they have collected enough marble points.

Unacceptable Behaviour

Incidents of unacceptable behaviour are dealt with by the class teacher initially. If a child’s behaviour continues to be unacceptable he/she would be sent to the Headteacher. Parents are consulted when there are concerns about a child’s behaviour.


Bullying is unacceptable in school. Junior children discuss bullying regularly in Assembly and the issue of bullying is also discussed at School Council meetings. Incidents of possible bullying are discussed with the bully and victim. Parents are involved in serious incidents. A record of incidents of possible bullying is kept by the Headteacher.

Lunchtime and Playtime

All children share in discussions about lunchtime and playtime. Each class has a circle time for discussion and the Junior children have an Assembly where they can talk about playtimes. Playtimes are also discussed in the School Council. The children have worked out their own ball rota for the playground. Recorder lessons and football and netball team practices take place at lunchtime.

At lunchtime children in KS2 may choose whether to play outside or to spend time in the Quiet Room which is supervised by a dinner lady. Two teachers are on duty at playtime.

Learning to play with other children is an important part of school life which is developed during lunchtime and playtime. We encourage the children to develop these skills with adult supervision.